PebbleHost Affiliates Program

How does the affiliate program work?
Once you sign up, you will be given your own unique affiliate link. You then can give that link to your friends, or anyone you know that might want a Minecraft server. Of course, you are also free to advertise your link on social networks such as YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter just to name a few. Once someone uses your link to buy a server from us you will receive a 50% commission on that server purchase! (Please note that this is a one time commission and is only paid out for the first month of their service.)

Let me give you an example:
Let’s say you see someone that wants a Minecraft server, and you recommend us, and give them your affiliate link. Then let’s say they decided on our Budget 10GB Server is something that they like and they purchase it for $10.00. This means that you will get $5.00 (50% of $10.00).

How do I sign up?
 Log into the client panel.
2. On the top menu click Affiliates then click on Activate Affiliate Account.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do I find my affiliate link?
A: Your affiliate link can be found on the Affiliates page in our billing panel right on top of the page.
Q: Can I use a URL shortener or a custom domain/link for my affiliate link?
A: Unfortunately not. This is against our TOS.
Q: I just referred someone, but I can’t withdraw my commission for it, what gives?
A: There is a 7-day delay from when someone purchases our service using your link and when you can withdraw that commission. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities.
On your Affiliates page you will see two related balances:
Commissions Pending Maturation - This is the amount that is still within the 14 days waiting period.
Available Commissions Balance - This is the amount that can be withdrawn at your request.

Q: Is there a minimum I can withdraw?
A: Yes, you can only withdraw once you have at least $15 of Available Commissions Balance
Q: How do I withdraw my affiliate commission in order to use it as account credits to pay for my servers?
A: When you are on the Affiliates page you will see a Request Withdrawal button. All you have to do is click it.
Q: Is there a minimum I can withdraw?
A: Yes, you can only withdraw once you have at least $15 of Available Commissions Balance

 I told someone to buy a server with you, but they did not use my link, can I still get affiliate commission?
A: Unfortunately no, as there is no way for us to verify that. Only purchases that were done with your link will count.
Q: Can you pay me my commission in cash, PayPal, or any other form of payment?
A: Yes, you can be paid in the form of account credits or PayPal.

Q: I have a coupon/promo or another type of website, am I eligible for your affiliate program?
A: We do not allow such sites to use our affiliate program because these types of sites basically squat on certain search terms without providing any real feedback or information to potential customers. If you have a certain site and aren't sure if you are eligible or not feel free to contact us first to see if anything can be worked out.
Please note that the above terms of the affiliate program are subject to change with or without notice and at any time solely on our discretion. If you have any questions please contact our support.

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to join our Discord server or create a ticket here.

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